Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love Shak #7: Clouds of moss

* Once Wed, feat. Laurie Cinotto of lalalaurie on etsy

Okay, part 2 of the moss love: in my search for moss-covered initials for last week, I came across this beautiful mossy ring pillow, and it had to get its own post. Because it *comes with a tutorial*! I know, usually I am the link queen (I *try* to let the creator keep the credit!) but this post by Sapphire2009 is nearly a year old, and didn't link to the original post on Once Wed. So, just to make sure that the post doesn't get lost, here it is.

***Edit: double woot, I rock! Here's the original post on Once Wed, project created by Laurie Cinotto. But since it's all here, I might as well keep the directions up. And, sidenote: I had no idea that Once Wed had so many rockin projects that also includes cost! That's pure genius right there.

Once Wed, feat. Laurie Cinotto of lalalaurie on etsy

What You’ll Need:
A 5″ x 5″ X 2″ piece of Styrofoam
2 feet ribbon (2″ wide)
3 yards of ribbon (1/4″ wide)
A 6″ x 6″ scrap of fabric
A handful of sphagnum moss
Straight pins
Round-headed corsage pins
A pair of scissors

1. Center your fabric face up on the Styrofoam square Fold the fabricedges over sides of the Styrofoam and secure with straight pins. Wrapthe corners neatly and pin. (see figure 1)

2. Turn your Styrofoam over so the fabric side is down. Take yoursphagnum moss and stretch it out across the top of the Styrofoam. Be surethat the moss completely covers the surface. (see figure 2)

3. Cut a length of the skinnier ribbon and run it diagonally across themossed surface. Attach both ends of the ribbons on the sides of theStyrofoam using straight pins. Repeat this process to create a diagonalgrid of ribbon on the top of the pillow.

4. Take your corsage pins and stick them into the points where theribbons intersect on the pillow top. (see figure 4)

5. Turn the pillow on it’s side and pin the end of the wider ribbon inthe center of the side, using your straight pins. (see figure 5)

6. Wrap the ribbon around all four sides, concealing the fabric edges andskinny ribbon tails. Pull it tightly as you go and keep the ribbon edgeslined up with the edges of the pillow. (see figure 5)

7. When you pass your starting point, fold under the ribbon tail and pinit down using your corsage pins. (see figure 6)

8. Trim off any loose moss bits.

9. Cut a 12″ length of the skinnier ribbon and tie it to the corsage pinin the center of the pillow. Attach your rings by tying a bow. (seefigure 7)

What it costs:
Styrofoam square $.90
Ribbon $3.00
Corsage Pins $2
Small bag of moss $1.80
Total = $7.70

PS: L, you know that all you gotta do is tell me what ribbons or pick some out, and I'm totally on this project for ya, right? hee....

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