Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh the best intentions

grey likes weddings, feat. Plum Pretty Sugar (source of all photos below)

Well, I went into the office today, so I figured I might as well share some goodness :D

Simply Hue + Lovely Clusters hosted a fabulous giveaway for a dress by etsy designer Plum Pretty Sugar, and I won!  I was *delighted* to receive it in the mail this past week -- and of course I'm lazy to take photos, but really, this model does a fabulous job showing the gorgeousness of this piece of lightness :)!

Thank you soo much, Vicky + Rachel + Charlotte!

Other pieces of Plum Pretty's that I love?  Well, okay, they're all featured in the above collage on Grey Likes Weddings, but in bigger detail (because *look* at these colors!  And the near transparency in the sunglight looks *so* dainty!)...

Whoa whoa! I just found Plum Pretty Sugar's blog, too -- *so* delightful, the color is incredible!!

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Rachel Follett said...

Oh I am so glad you like it! Congrats again and thank you for sharing.

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