Monday, September 07, 2009

A perfect time for a holiday

This weekend was incredible.

T's wedding was beyond what you could imagine as beautiful. She was stunning.

Her hubs and his family got my waterworks started before anything even really began :D And all these crazy-incredible-awesome events -- happy hour Thursday to welcome the early out-of-towners, the phenomenal (bestest ever) rehearsal dinner at a famous bbq joint in the next town over AND dance lessons for all the guests,

and the beautiful gorgeous ceremony,

and the blow-your-mind-away reception and MUSIC.

omg, i can't possibly have enough adjectives.

Except that all of my finds here simply *pale* in comparison to the real deal. Especially in the fashion regard: from T's cute-sexy rehearsal dress, to her super snazzy reception dress + crazy gorge.ous Jimmy Choos -- jeebus.

All of us were in shock from the beauty of it all.

And even more surprising, but not -- throughout this nuptials-extravaganza, there was seriously the most intense theme of love and incredibleness of and about the bride and groom, of which I have never seen the likes before in all my history of wedding-attendance. And there was something like 8 weddings last year alone.

Maybe it's because the groom is 41, and the bride is... well, I won't reveal. But building up that much love... and just T and M themselves, you can *tell* they are seriously just. that. special. It was truly.... amazing.

And then... following the wedding, the closest of my friends and I had a pj dance party until 3am.


Um, I don't know how many people y'all feel close enough to truly go all out in front of. But hopefully that number is at least 1 -- we don't need quantity, just quality -- because there is something so liberating about dancing like a loon. Not just for a song, or maybe 3 songs. I'm talking 4 hours. With a good 30 mins of strobe light action, created simply out of a loving hubby's flicking off and on the lights. Uh-huh: 30 mins.

And ... the weekend was so freakin jam-packed with love, it was fabulous fabulous fabulous.

And it truly made me realize that, sometimes, you really do have to remind yourself to stop and smell the roses. And whatever these other lovely florals are.

So, I'm taking a little blog holiday. Not sure for how long, and you won't really be able to tell for this week, at least, because I've scheduled a lot of posts ahead of time, and some random ones here and there (in line with my attempts at daily series!) Not scheduled in anticipation of this holiday, but just because there's sooo much out there, and I want to capture it all, but then you'll really notice how nuts I am if I posted every single time I loved something.

And you know what I love? My husband. And it's been fun, and sometimes I get so excited to blog (I think there's a shirt I saw elsewhere on the blogospher that reads, "I am *so* blogging this.") But sometimes I've rushed to keep all these lovely images... without taking the time to share them with him. And this started because I'd bug him every 2 minutes, saying, "Ooh, check this out! Ooh, now this!" like a crazy kid :D But, now that I've been at the opposite end of the spectrum for quite a while now, I'm gonna try quiet nights with the hubs ... sitting on the couch in front of the tv, sure, maybe taking a walk :D -- but at least not in front of a computer :)

So -- Enjoy what will still post, and feel free to comment (they really do make my day :)!). And okay, maybe I'll cheat by polyvore-ing it up a little bit, bc gosh, those are fun :) And I'll admit, make me feel good because at least there's *something* I'm contributing out there :) Okay, and L, you've got at least 2 more posts scheduled :D. And of course I'll add more if something absolutely grabs me ... I would think a mis-matched bridesmaid post, but I think there are some good ones out there :)! and colors, of course, once you figure that out ;)


Everyone, enjoy your Labor Day holiday (I hope!) and take care til we talk (live...ish :D) next!

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Rachel Follett said...

I am so glad to hear the wedding you attended was beautiful. I love going to weddings when you can really tell how madly in love the bride and groom really are!

I also wanted to stop in tell you that you are the winner for the cami dress from Plum Pretty Sugar!!!
I just posted it on blog and now all we need from you is your email address so I can have her contact you. You can email me at

Thanks again and congrats!

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