Sunday, September 20, 2009


Taylor Swift is amazing.  Seriously, from the clips I've seen (bc I missed the live deal), she handled Kanye ruining her moment *so* well!  And I thought I heard that she even had to perform later, and she did it with such poise... way to go, Tay, you rock for being so mature + professional + smooth! And, needless to say, a *phenomenal* singer :)

Sweet n Spicy
Sweet n Spicy

Okay, I'm pretty sure I end up using the same items, but I can't help it -- that dress in particular is just so pretty.  And fits that setting perfectly -- so I tried to rock it out on the opposite end of the spectrum.  I mean yes, edgier/harder, but still fits, right?  Hee, I like em both, although I doubt I could rock the outfit on the left :D

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pink-to-green said...

These are both great! I agree, go Taylor!!!

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