Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sharing the love! {lanalou style}

Eeeeeeeeee. I can't say how ecstatic I am to have gotten a blog award from Lana of lanalou style, one of my faves!!! Really, a little ridiculously excited, but hey, doesn't everyone want to start off their day a little ridiculously excited (or lots!) :)?

So, to accept this award, here are 10 fabulous things about me (okay, they don't have to be fabulous, but hey, we can alter this award as it gets passed on a bit, right :D? and Lana's things were pretty fabulous -- strawberry tattoo!), and I'll pass the award on to the awesome girls below...

1. My sister and I share the same birthday, but we were born one year apart -- and, for about 4 hours, we're the same age :)!

2. My most celebrity moment of my life was when a little girl recognized me while I was at the zoo with friends, because I was an "astronaut" she'd met the day before -- read, I worked at Space Center Houston as one of the entertainment + cashier staff, and wore a flight suit for this job :D Kids thought all the time that we were astronauts, it was terrific. Oh, the days.

3. I laugh out loud at (good) commercials. And by laugh out loud, I mean bust a gut, my laugh echoes off our walls.

4. I love reading, especially books that can make you cry -- sometimes the ones that kinda get you choked up a bit but you feel you can hold in the tears, and then *later* when you're like, "Oh, forget it," and you have to set down the book to really sob it all out. Um, you guys don't read books like this?

5. I got married in Las Vegas, at the top of The Stratosphere... and bought my bridesmaids pink toe rings to wear. They all laughed when I told them to wear them, and I (still) don't quite get why, hmm.... :D

6. My law girlfriends & I sometimes work on our "business plans" to open up a resort someday, and we all fantasize about teaching pottery, yoga, flute lessons, baking, and water aerobics. We've recently expanded our plans to include a television show -- and when it comes out, y'all will *love* it :D

7. I studied in Denmark for a semester in college; the best things about that trip study abroad was my host family + good friends + hitting up Russia (when else are you going to do that!) + completing a 60 km bike ride around a Danish isle (never gonna happen again)!

8. I like to think I'm crafty (like jewerly making) and a good baker.

9. When I was a kid, my dreams were to (1) ride in a rainbow-colored hot air balloon, (2) go ice skating, and (3) ride a horse. I hit #2 (whoo!) last year, and have 2 more of those dreams to go :)

10. The art I enjoy most is photography: water, mountains, trees, flowers, and people.

Okay, randomness, and not very brief. Oh well, what else is new :)

Here's who I'm tagging, although perhaps they've already been tagged :D
Rachel of Lovely Clusters, Abbie of A Glimpse of the Girl Next Door, Cara of Peonies and Polaroids, Rachel of Heart of Light, and Julie of Belle Maison.


Abbie said...

Good ones! I'm big on #3. :) I want to ride in a hot air balloon, too... we have festivals for them here, and I still haven't been!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

#7, how amazing!

Rachel Follett said...

Love your answers. Thanks so much for the award! You are too kind!

Lana said...

Very cool, far from boring! Loved your 10 things!

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