Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trying to reign in the spending

So. I sort of accidentally won this ebay auction. Because I'd lost the other ones, so I thought I'd lose this one. And at $24 + shipping of like $7, what a steal!

Um, and I think I really really like this one.  My bust fits (finally!) but damn, that waist is *tiny!*  So, we're working on that, because...

Um I think this is the perfect church/convalidation ceremony dress.  I know, I know, there's that pesky question of how I really feel about the church.  And I'm trying to work on that.  Because, we're not as close as we used to be.  And... I mean, I maintained my faith and devotion all through college.  But... for some other reasons I'd rather not go into here, I've... been doing some avoidance.  I say it's because I haven't found a Home -- like, college was Home, St. Mary's was incredible.

And my dad has pointed out that, growing up, he & my mom took us to a church about a 25 minute drive away.  That's pretty long, considering another Catholic church was right down the road from us. So, maybe I just need to try a little harder to find my new Home.

And... I've recently worked out with a friend... I mean, it's not like I'm holding Him responsible for this event that happened.  Although... maybe I am. But there's nothing... not like prayer won't help, but I know there's only so much He can do.  I could go into, "Yes, through Him, all things are possible," but ... I know He gives us free will, so He is limited, to an extent.

Anyway.  Not to give myself a deadline.  But wouldn't it be lovely to be able to get married in the church on, well, a nice round number :)?  Like, oh, five years of marriage?  And I know I shouldn't -- and I know I don't want to -- just get married in the church so I can have another wedding.  Because, not like I don't think I've already committed myself to the Hubs forever, but in the Church -- I mean, that's not law, you know? That's not just legal stuff, made by man.  And nor are our feelings, and I don't mean to put anyone's civil ceremonies down, or anything like that.  But you involve God -- it shouldn't just be an excuse to throw a party, you know?  You're inviting Him in, and I'm sure it might amuse Him to see all the pretties around and everything, but uh I bet He's got other things going on, right?

Anyway.  But... I think I've found it.  The dress, that is.  Which puts me, well, one more step on solid ground, where I feel comfortable.  Maybe that sounds ridiculous, but I feel like I need to get as comfortable as possible, that if I knock out all the distractions, pretty soon, I'll have nothing left but... well, my thoughts and feelings on what's causing this riff. Rift? whatevs.

Anyway, back to a lighthearted note:  and I also saw this crazy crazy huge headband at Arden B.

 omg, I love it.  It's so crazy big + over the top.  And um I think it would look *phenomenal* with that vintage, old-lady lookin dress that's so conservative yet chic to me :)  But it is BIG.  BUT only $24!! le sigh.  I'll keep you updated, hee, if you've made it this far :D

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