Friday, September 25, 2009

Week's Lovelies

Honestly, I came across too too too many lovelies this week to refrain from sharing!  Just a sampling...

  • This beautifully fun fabric in the Dolce collection by Tanya Wendelken featured on decor8.

  • And who am I kidding, *everything* here on decor8 of Homes & Gardens.

    • The beautiful romanticism in these photos by Duston Todd, featured by Snippet & Ink. (Okay, you know it's the lace that's getting me, and the total Cinderalla-/Southern Belle-esque dress, I *love* it!!)

    feat.vanka, designed for Lucky Me!

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    Yvette said...

    Oh, this is lovely, thanks!

    More Treasures!

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