Wednesday, October 07, 2009

J Crew Love

Oh, J Crew.  When will your final sale ever end, so that the temptation can stop!

Why, yes, I do think that tee would go perfectly with jeans + these heels...


Soft + flowy for next spring/summer, or for those of us down under whose spring/summer is just beginning?  Or okay, for those of us who see wedding attire everywhere?

Pretty pretties, where?

What, you want a clean ripping-off-the-band-aid-quickly?

(PS: I just barely refrained from buying the ruffled dress at top in Soft Shell -- MY SIZE LEFT!  le sigh. That hubs better appreciate how much shopping I don't do.  Um, kind of...)

1 comment:

Rachel Follett said...

The heels! Love them! Now I just need a place to wear them at. :)

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