Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Luxuries in Purple

Break the Cycle: a national organization that focuses on addressing teen dating violence.  Based out of offices in LA and DC, they have improved the lives of more than 150,000 youth nationwide. They try to reach youth from every direction, in every stage of their dating lives, and focus on providing:
  • preventive education (an evidence-based program teaching teens to recognize that they have the right to safe and healthy relationships; what is domestic violence and what is a healthy relationships; and the law);
  • encouragement for youth activism through raising awareness about dating violence among their peers, offering a web-based tool-kit to raise awareness; and
  • fostering systemic change through advocacy and intervention, by providing an online community for teens seeking help; offering technical assistance to local support organizations and schools; and explaining how a person can influence policy.
From Break the Cycle's website:
  • One in three teens will experience abuse in a dating relationship and two-thirds of them will never report it to anyone. Dating violence is not just dangerous, it is devastating to a young person’s health and safety.
  • The effects of dating violence are long-lasting. Teens who experience abuse in relationships act out exhibiting higher rates of drug abuse, school drop-out, high-risk sexual behavior, acts of violence and suicide.

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