Saturday, October 03, 2009

Recessionista Dresses

I love me some white dresses.  Or, shades of white -- ivory, or, um, pewter.  Okay, pewter's not white, but look at that detail!  We'll ignore the obscene lengths...


Okay, that was another cheat, too -- but the pink is so sweet!  And that navy is just cool.

And since I was looking at fun cocktail-ish dresses at forever21, I couldn't resist these, either...

And okay, this last set started out with wishes for work wear (made decent with a jacket or sweater + tights), but then I had to sneak that last one in :D...

The best part?  The bulk of these dresses are between $25 and $35, although the gojane dresses are a smidge more, upwards of $50 to $110.  Still, soo cute.  I know, kids half my age shop at these places.  But so cute!  And definitely accessories at these places are ageless, right? 

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