Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tim Gunn + Marshall's + Shoe Shopping = NDVH Donations!

Whoa whoa whoa.  (You can skip all this background info to the bold below to get right to the meat...)

So, thanks to fashion blog Mrs. O (dedicated to, duh, to Mrs. O!), I stumbled across Couture Closet -- like polyvore, but their blog is a much more familiar layout to me, and they had some neat contests ($150 J Crew gift card, what?  Styling Mrs. O?  And gosh darn, I missed the Rachel Zoe/Piperlime and the Steve Madden contests??)

Anyway -- one of the posts on the Couture Closet was this bit on Tim Gunn (of Project Runway) and Laura Leighton from Melrose Place, pairing up with Marshall's for Domestic Violence Awareness!  Blogger A Mom in Red Heels detailed that Tim Gunn and Laura Leighton appeared last week in Santa Monica to unveil an exhibit honoring all those who take a stand against domestic violence.

"The exhibit, which is comprised of six unique arches, will feature information about the cause, the names of the many organizations who have worked tirelessly to put an end to domestic violence and celebrity audio messages of support from Jennifer Love Hewitt, Joe Torre, Rosie Perez, Martina McBride, Vivica Fox, Robin Givens, Chaka Khan, Michael Bolton, and more…"

And, more importantly for us + what we can do:

For every pair of shoes sold in Marshall's stores from October 1-15, $1 is donated to the National Domestic Violence Hotline -- up to $150,000!

Maybe a buck doesn't sound like a lot, but hey, ladies (and dudes), if we all make the sacrifice of buying a pair of shoes from Marshall's, that's one dollar more for NDVH! Double woot.  So, we better get shopping! Just one more week left...

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