Friday, October 23, 2009

Week's Lovelies!

Oh man, my Monday kicked off fabulously with the Pink Ruffles set posted at Lovely Clusters!

Lovely Clusters

More pink loveliness at AllenCompanyInc, feat. on Ruffled (and alllll kinds of wedding lovelies here!)

Mmm, this Atticus & Milo kitchen + living room on Desire to Inspire:

These calming, soothing lovelies by Peonies and Polaroids:

Peonies and Polaroids

Oh, Luly Yang.
Luly Yang
{via Myla Kent}

These cupcakes by Dam Good Cupcakes, featured on Polka Dot Bride.

{Jen Huang Photography}

o.m.g. I busted out laughing when I finally got this. Seriously, I must be the last one on earth not to know this, right? (ie, please someone else tell me they hadn't heard of this before?) And of course, I *love* the vintage vibe!

Mrs. Bunny

From Mlle. Molly Fryxell at flickr, this lamp (and the pinks!), and the feeling I get *just imagining* I'm opening this box of fabulous shoes!

And finally, because I *have* to stop somewhere:
Yvette Inufio, via daintydoll:: femmecherie:: skyinmypocket

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Rachel Follett said...

I am so glad you liked my ruffle post! So pretty! I am really loving that blue dress in the window. WOW!

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