Monday, November 23, 2009

Cheer for the day

So.  It is only 3:45pm but my day has already been long and stressful.  I know, bummer.  Want to know what made me smile, perhaps when I was seething most?

Imagine this in darker, wintery colors.  Like... a deep brown, almost plum-hue to it.

And paired with the most lovely lavendar shirt.

Worn by a man in his early 40's, I'd hazard. Standing on the street corner, looking as if he had not a care in the world.

And I just smiled. 

I was thinking how ridiculous it is that fashion can be an instant upper -- but really.  It caught me off guard because.. gosh, it was just so fashion-forward (or, at least adventurous!), and ... I don't know, maybe I was admiring that confidence to try something so not-the-usual around here?  And this whole seasonal concept -- I mean, clearly the color wouldn't have worked in the summer or spring.  And, I'm not exactly a fashion maven (is that somebody who knows lots about fashion?), but I like to think I'm at least with it or close to that, or something.  but, um I'm still mostly wearing the same things I wore in the summer (less pastels, but still...), and there was this *guy* who was clearly conscious of this whole other (fashion) world, like I want to be!

Anyway.  I liked it.  It made me smile. And temporarily distracted from terrible post office experience that I do not even want to go into.  Except Sis, you better not give me any grief about this very nice thing that I have done for you. Because all I can say is grrrr.

A-hem.  Here's to a lovely afternoon.  Heart of Light looks to be setting up a lovely week of non-stress holiday postings -- what a delightful idea!  This made my day start out well, but, hmm.  Maybe I should do a similar thankful/cheer post in the afternoon, as I'm working on 80 bajillion projects + feel the stress coming on :D  I know -- Self, you are already too busy, why would adding on one more thing to your plate be good for you?  Because -- yummy things make you feel better, no matter what :)

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