Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(c) Tria Giovan
(c) Tria Giovan

I'm thankful for :
  • the blessings God sends my way: sunshine, flowers, and the little things that cheer me up when I feel overwhelmed or cranky or grumpy or sad;
  • my amazing support system, at work, at home, and across the state and state lines through my girls who make me feel incredible;
  • the people who understand me and love me no matter how little sense I make or what craziness I might dream up; 
  • having a job that I love, that challenges me, and that has led me to so many wonderful people and new opportunities and new confidence in myself;
  • being healthy, and the health of my family;
  • for amazing food, and the ability to enjoy all of this; and
  • for all the new bundles of joy and love celebrations.
I hope all of you get to take the time today to enjoy the blessings in your life!
(c) Michael Luppino
(c) Michael Luppino

(c) Gridley & Graves
(c) Gridley & Graves

All images via Country Living

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