Saturday, November 07, 2009

Le sigh.

I am in. love. 

I've been looking for a fabulous pampering gift for Bee, whose bebe has finally arrived :)  And I stumbled across this beautiful gorgeous line Undrest, that looks like it combines softness (she's big into uber uber soft texture) with prettiness without being frou frou -- like uber natural beautiful.  Which is Bee to a T, I think.
(perhaps not safe for work -- these are all on mannequins, but still)...

My faves (selfishly, hee):

Don't they just look so silky-cottony soft?

Now, contenders for Bee, since I was hoping to get something that was comfy + pretty + a little sexy-cute, and, of course, newborn-baby friendly?

Option #1:

I think Bee would dig the comfyness, but, let's say "accessibility" is not top of the line.

Ditto for option 2, but goodness, so cute-chic!  And you'd just throw it on! 

Wholly impractical, though.

Which leaves what brought me to discovering this line in the first place (Bee, you can look away now...)...

beautiful robes!

I tend to forget that not many of my friends look good in yellow -- it's just so soft and cheery (and not pink, Bee!).  But these... oh, these below had my heart racing, I thought it was Bee Perfection.

Hooded. Robes.

with. ruffles.

But alas, they were not in the sizes I need.  So I might still stalk these.  Unless, Bee, you're looking + you think they're hideous.  Which would greatly relieve me from this heartbreak, and I could move on.  Hee.  Bebe TB will be in school by the time this package comes around! Le sigh.

**Updated: Okay.  So, this is a smidge more in our post-tenant-moved-out budget:

But... a little flimsy, right?  I was hoping this could be something Bee could seriously lounge in, even around her parents, who are awesomely staying with her + Y).  So... maybe, these...?

but a little too utilitarian, not so much spoiling, right?   But this, below... oh, my, doesn't it look soft -- not fleecy soft, just ... niiiiice?

It's supposed to have lace details, but even magnified it, I don't see it.  But mmm, looks slinky and soft!  We'll see if this makes it in the package...

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