Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Seriously. I am nuts. Here is what I *almost* bought today, but luckily, a co-worker saved me.

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller. Original retail: $3000+. Sale: $479.

le sigh. But. The dress itself is taller than me by 3 inches. And, as my sage co-worker noted, mermaid style may not work on petites. And, um, there's that pesky little thing of me not getting married. Or seriously planning my convalidation ceremony, or vow renewal of some sort.

But, I had everything to go. And, since I was already doing some shopping, I stopped by the Yummie Tummie boutique.

Yummie Tummie

Only $29!! usually $62+ for original retail!

And then, to maximize my $10 shipping, I was *also* going to snatch up this gorgeous 6-in pedestal by Julia Knight for just $15.

Julia Knight

But. Holidays are coming up. And we've already been over our crazy travel schedule for 2010, and I've already had to send my regrets to one of my best friends that I wouldn't be able to fly out to see her + her new bundle of joy because of budget, and am also passing on a girl's ski trip next spring because of budget.

So, "remove from basket" is my friend. Even if I hate it :D

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