Monday, December 21, 2009


Anthropologie Bed

indicating I am not doubly not working: 1) at anthropologie (2) blogging.  but I can't help it.  I'm just now getting to the part that I've been dreading for about 2 weeks now.  And I want these things to be easy.  And I notoriously make things more difficult for myself than they need to be.

But.  My goal is actually to finish at some point to be able to either (1) hit up Anthropologie before work tomorrow (so that's by 10a) or at lunch so that I can grab a belated thank you-hostess gift, or (2) knock all of this out by 4 and crash out until that same time I talked about above :)  And really, 4 is sooo close.  I mean, less than 2.5 hours away.  So, then, if I've already gotten my sleep for the night, a la nap, I should be able to work at my leisure, right?  I know, I should kick myself.  Okay, back to work!

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