Saturday, December 12, 2009

iGoogle lovin

We all know I'm an uber-geek, so I thought I'd share my excitement :D:

I have no idea how I got so lucky, but a little pop-up window appeared one day, asking me if I want to change my iGoogle* theme.  I usually have it set to this beautiful scenery photography by ... I can't remember.  But one suggested theme was 12 Days of Cookies by the Food Network -- and holy cow, I get wo excited everytime I open my homepage and see a new lovely + yummy treat!! I know, I'm so easy -- but seriously!  Instant holiday cheer (and I *love* gorgeous baked goods!) -- and okay, that last one is really Paula Deen's Holiday Treats theme, but I couldn't find a pic of all 4 of the cookies -- but you the idea :)

*iGoogle page: in case y'all aren't users, you can personalize your google homepage!  I keep my fave blogs on that page so that I can see my email + new updates on my fave blogs and check it all at my leisure. I mean, I'm a fan of googleReader and all, but man, I've been busy with work yesterday and the day before, and by like 3p, I'm behind by about 130 or so posts -- tooo overwhelming!  Anyway, I know there's gadgets you can add, but I'm not that high-tech :D

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