Saturday, December 05, 2009

Laura Caslin {love!}

omg, I super enjoyed the etsy craft fair earlier today!! It went much quicker than I had expected, though I'd never been to a craft fair before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Full review will be later -- tomorrow, each day this week, I have no idea, but I had to squeeze in this post before I jet to a couple parties this afternoon & evening!


So.  I fell. with Laura Caslin's gorgeously delicate necklaces.  The daintiness is just *so* exquisite, I can't truly describe it.  I had *promised* the hubs I wouldn't purchase anything for myself -- which, okay, I teensy broke a little, but if I had caved and bought a Laura Caslin piece, that would have been uber-obvious.  But seriously -- beautiful work, very reasonable pricing!  le sigh (le sigh le sigh, seriously).

I stopped by Laura's etsy shop + didn't see the pieces displayed at the fair (understandably!), but here's a couple delights, just to give you a taste.




The middle, for instance, uses vintage watch parts, if I'm not mistaken.  But imagine an entire chain like the top earring! Plus, say, a horizontal row of teeny pearls!  Or a cluster of delicate stone briolettes!  sigh. [**update! found a photo of one of these necklaces :)!!**]

Laura Caslin

Okay, back to getting ready for the shindigs tonight, hopefully y'all have a delightful rest of the weekend!

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