Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Love Shak #15: Candles?

Dear L: I know, this is not very Rustic Chic.  But it's so pretty!  And elegant!  I know, I have no idea how I'd reconcile this with buckets.  Hee.  But I imagine buckets don't quite fit in with a winery feel, either -- isn't it crazy how just one word can change a whole perspective?

And here's those burlap ribbons I was talking about! Not exactly the same, but pretty close...



I was thinking maybe something like this, although not quite as intricate:

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart, feat. on With this Ring

But see how it's kind of laid out in a pattern, rather than a straight runner?  Hahaha, I know, just what you need: more ideas!  But -- really, this is the last one I've got scheduled :)  Less than 6 months to go, you've totally got this thing in the bag :)!

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