Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who doesn't love a themed party benefitting charity?

all at Arden B, except shoes at Forever21


at 9:30p at

Or in other words: it's a White-Out party!  Or White Wonderland or something themed :)  Five canned goods gets you in the door, and either with that five and/or every additional five canned goods, you get a raffle entry!!*  I will admit -- the hubs's cousin was listing all the prizes, and the only one I can remember is a gift certificate or something from MAC!  If I didn't have 2 other social obligations, I'd be here in a heartbeat -- but if you can make it, you should go!!

*Okay, I admit: I don't know all the details.  These are the best I can remember :D  I know (1) the theme is white attire. (2) It benefits the Austin Food Bank.  (3) Five canned goods gets you in the door.  (4) The raffle is at 11:30.  Also why I am not going :D  Mm, I heart gettin old!

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