Monday, January 18, 2010

My fabulous weekend...

Amazing brunch with the girls.


Clean refrigerator :) (I know, sadly empty, but I'm working on it!)
Clean fridge

Penny Sale at Aaron Bros. (to frame awesome-girl artwork by Kathy R. Jeffords +  Donut photograph by Lorri Honeycutt) + Awesome shopping at Michael's. 
Artwork by KJ/Dreamy Giraffe; Donut Art by Lorri Honeycutt

Michael's Bounty

L: I saw this three-corner punch + thought it was fate that it was on sale, since I keep trying to push these things on you :D  One of the three punches through cards just fine, but the other 2 had probs :( -- but hey, thin papers work great!  And now I don't have to keep pushing this thing on you so I can live vicariously through you -- whoo!
Three-corner punch

Tacos three ways!

Ground turkey tacos

Grated monterrey with hatch peppers

Soft tacos the first night, taco nachos the next day at lunch, and .... Mexican pasta! (And woot on costs: $8.50 for three meals for two people! And still one more serving left...)
Mexican Pasta

Cookie success ... and fail.

Burnt Cookies

And... crafting success!  Rachel, I have all kinds of new mad respect for you -- my ruffle patch does not look very neat.  But maybe I can attach something to the back ...
Ruffles 3

Ruffles 4-1

Ruffles 7

Ruffles 8

For my first try, not so bad, right? I had leftover 5" wide faux-silk ribbon (shiny/silky on one side, matte on the other) laying around, which I cut into squares, then quarters for smaller buds (8 pairs of buds sewn altogether). The silkiness made these a little more slippery than I expected (literally, some of these blooms would leap out of my hands!), but overall, this took me less than an hour, woot!  I'm sure if you've got more sewing skills, you could knock out this teeny patch in 15 mins :D  I sewed two groups far enough apart so I could cut them apart to make cute shoe clips, if I want, too -- love all these possibilities!

Hope your weekend was terrific + your Monday is fabulous!

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Lana said...

Looks like you had a busy weekend! Thanks again for the award, I posted it today!x

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