Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sale at Michael's & Aaron Bros.

Okay, L, after that huge board earlier this week, I told myself I was going to back off.  But then I checked out Aaron Bros. to see if their Penny Sale was still going on (it is!) and so I checked out Michael's, too, since I need some frames for some awesome prints I got for Christmas.

And then I saw these things. 

Michaels On Sale

Like, remember these favor jarsOnly $14.99! (Regularly $19.99) for the kit! (Not really sure what that means though :D) 

And then the votives -- $4.99 for a dozen!  I know, candles aren't in your tablescape.  But hey, if you could use those instead of jars for favors (whatever those might be filled with), that would be sooo cheaper!  Or, depending on how shallow the votives are, maybe even as mini-single-bud vases!  Okay, uber mini, but whatevs!  Oops, I guess they already include a candle.  Darn.  Well, for anyone else looking out for votives, that's a pretty good deal, to include the candle with the glass, right?

And for me, since I want to try to take up a little painting, there's some multi-packs of artist canvases -- another $5 savings (just $14.99) for either 10 of 8x10" canvases, 7 of 11x14", or 5 of 16x20"!  Perfection.

Oh, man, I hope this can count as a Necessity...

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Lana said...

OH man, I'm going to have to check out those votives. I'm all for putting them on the tables as well (kinda as a filler, maybe?). I think we decided against doing favors like that for cost reasons. We'll see. ;) And, I'm sorry I haven't replied to your beautiful collage!!! It's been a busy week, but I'll do it tonight!! We've been trying to P90X it up this week. Shoot me.

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