Thursday, February 18, 2010

fashion blogger shoot on Vogue

So, maybe I'm the last person on earth to hear about these fashion blogs -- but what a fab idea of Vogue to do a shoot on these fashion bloggers!  I only saw this bc I follow mrs-o, but I love this, these bloggers look like soo much fun & glamourous! And normally I hate videos, but I thought this was worth it :D

Ahhh, inspiration -- And maybe I lack ambition, but.... while tens of thousands of followers, yes, sounds amazing -- for me, I think it's following your own dreams and pushing after them so hard.  The 3-8 second soundbytes from the bloggers are what get me, I love it! 

Cheers to pursuing your dreams, kids, whether it's full-fledged all out, or starting a trickle at a time (like Michelle Phan) and full-on pursuit later :)

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Jen Kim said...

very cool, thanks for sharing! michelle phan has really amazing tutorials and quite the following. it's amazing how much attention bloggers are getting these days, very inspiring...

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