Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Monday!

Feb Challenge
my possible February Challenge entry for Interior Styling
Column 1: (1 + lower right) Yvette Inufio; (lower left) Tina of & also at etsy
Column 2: (upper left) Kathy R. Jeffords of The Dreamy Giraffe; (upper right) Mrs. Tsaig;
(bottom) Jenny Heid of Jenny's Bakeshop

Ahhh, a brand new week.  Because isn't it just workdays that make you really feel like New begins?  I've got today off (whoo!), but I'm still hoping to be productive.  As Abbie said, telling y'all my plans makes me feel like you're going to hold me accountable, so please do! 

The hubs cleaned the house for my Valentine's gift, but it was more like a speed clean towards the end (we had company staying with us Saturday night), so I'm hoping:

Clean sheets:

The last loads of laundry:

Calling some contractors:

And returning my library books:
Borrowed books

Wish me productive thoughts, and here's to hoping you're enjoying your President's Day!


Anonymous said...

Are y'all going to Hawaii!?! Do tell!

Also, I will respond to your emails later when I can sit down and devote time to it, but until then, I shake my fist on your behalf (even though you are much nicer than me and thus are probably not fist-shaking). Love you!


Abbie said...

I see Hawaii mania!! I'll be so jealous if you're going.

I just went on a cleaning spree yesterday... including the sheets and duvet. There's nothing better than getting into bed with clean sheets.

CaraBella said...

Hahaha, I love you ladies! The Hawaii is just dreaming right now, really -- I thought it might be a possibility, but shoot, Hawaii is expensive to visit!! Sidenote, though: I get to check of one thing on my list! Whoo, calling contractors! Now it's off to the library...

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