Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Super Girl

I admit: I have a tendency to think I can do just about anything I set my mind to. Sure, that sounds amazing -- but um, when it comes to crafts, sometimes, it really is worth it to just shell out the money for that ready-made item.

But one thing that I've fallen in love with that I think would be fun to try to make? Those fabulous J Crew tees, with the fun ruffles or rosettes! I can't find exactly what I have in mind, but something like these...

Oooh, here's some a bit closer to what I've got in mind, courtesy of Anthro!

Well, not all over like the last one, just at the neck...
I found the tank I want to experiment with --- just a simple white tank, that's gathered just above the bust --- not like smocking, and not like pleating... I don't quite know how to describe it. But I've got all kinds of tulle + satin to play with, plus some tan jersey material... I know, this could possibly get ugly. But for just $4 (plus the cost of the accessory fabrics, but I already had those laying around), how could I not want to try my hand at this? (Those top two J Crew tanks, for example: $42!)

Well, I promise to share the results -- even (and perhaps especially!) if this is one of those times where it would totally be worth it to shell out the cash :D

Cross your fingers for me!

(PS: ooh, ooh: Something Old, Something New just posted another neckline that I love, although the feature was supposed to be on Yellowfield's hats ....)


Ms Misty said...

I love the top 2 from j crew and the 3rd one down from anthro. Please let us know if you end up doing this yourself and maybe you can share. I would love to try myself. Good luck.

OneCraftyFox said...

Ok, I want all of it. ;)

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