Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beauty in Advertising {reprised}

{sponsors at The Bright Side Project}

So, for quite a while, I was ripping out from my magazines all the gorgeous advertisements that made me pause for BIA.  And I still have stacks of ads laying around -- but silly technology, and our scanner breaking down, and wow, has it really been nearly 6 months since my last post in that installment?

Well, I still pause after the ads -- but lately, it's the blog-sponsors that have been catching my eye.  Has anyone else been intrigued by these gorgeous/fun buttons and clicked on over?  Above and below are compilations of just two of my faves (over at The Bright Side Project and at Mint).

Ads.Mint{sponsors at Mint Design Blog}

And no, I'm not getting paid to do this ... but these are just... I want this.  A button, that is. Or something equivalent to a button. Something compact, yet so eyecatchingly lovely, you feel compelled to click.  Like, an excellent quote, almost, except a visual summary of Me.  Not that I'm sure where I'd put it, or really, what I'd do with it.  But doesn't it sound lovely?

And yes, sometimes, it's the moving gifs that are the ones that catch my eye (but not the super fast-moving ones, those give me a headache).  The moving lovelies are the ones who have maybe 3 good images (like Twig & Thistle, over at Bright Side), and sort of hover in the background until the image subtly shifts, and then your eye moves to the area, and then you think, "Oh, that is quite lovely, what else do they have.."

Or maybe I'm just that nuts.  Well, as I said before, I like to think that I appreciate beauty everywhere -- and hey, advertisers get to make a living out of that, so we might as well celebrate their eye and talent, yes :)?

PS: And speaking of Mint: I love Ellie's ad layout for her own store, and then right below that, a link to her line at Bella Figura -- just so simple, but yet the lovely images (key, I think) quietly, compellingly beckon.  And even better: aren't her designs just.lovely?

Bella Figura "Marie" by Ellie Snow

Bella Figura "Marie" by Ellie Snow

Bella Figura "Canopy" by Ellie Snow

Bella Figura "Amelie" by Ellie Snow

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