Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Wedding Day, Lana & Shea!

{Our Labor of Love, via Once Wed}

Too many wishes to put words to.

But here is to a beautiful day, no matter the weather, the shirt sizes, the number of buckets of flowers, the tented outdoors, the plus-two-surprises, and every other wrench thrown your way :)

via The Bride's Cafe

{Ken Keinow, via Style Me Pretty }

{One Love Photo, via Marry You Me}

Sabine Scherer via Style Me Pretty

{the nichols}

And cheers to what will most certainly be an absolutely *delightful* blast.

{Our Labor of Love, via Once Wed}

And most importantly, we wish that this wedding is just the beginning of a lifetime of . . .

mi belle photography

Yea, Lana & Shea!

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OneCraftyFox said...

This is just lovely!

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