Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guess where I'm going today?

San Fran Etsy

$10 one-way airfare, what? Seriously, though, I'm flying in *just for the day* to see my friend + her adorable baby, I'm *so excited*! I know, who does this? But WHY NOT, isn't this what youth is supposed to be about, impulse and jetting off and what not?

Actually, I don't really think so, but I've never done something like this before -- I mean, a few weeks ago, I saw Jet Blue had some sort of anniversary sale with $10 one-ways, but it was so.labor.intensive to see all the destination possibilities, since they don't list them out by origin.

But THEN -- Travel Zoo sent out a reminder early yesterday morning, and I was *all over* flying to SFO, since they pointed out SFO was one of the destinations! And otherwise, a visit so wouldn't be in my budget.

If only I'd gotten on this earlier -- literally, as I was reading a text message from my friend + my hubs, trying to figure out what schedule was best (1 day vs. 2 day, times), the Tues-Wed flights DISAPPEARED! I was crushed. But figured hey, who cares that I might be spending more time in the air than on the ground if I fly in just Tuesday -- it's not like I haven't driven in for an event where the event time was shorter than the drive time! (Texas is big, what can I say.)

AND I'm not the one driving! I get to read! What a rockfest. Tartine, a little shopping, and Bebe. What a fabulous day, I'm so excited :)! All for a whopping $41.40 -- woot!

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Victoria said...

Hello! Was doing a blog search for my shop and came across this entry (including my map cuff! Thank you!)

I just had to comment because I thought this was a funny coincidence - my guy and I saw the same jet blue sale, but we actually do live in the SF Bay area, so we booked it to fly down to long beach for a day! We went on the 19th, just for that one day.. booking the flight was definitely spontaneous but I'm glad we did it!

Hope you made it up to SF (whether by plane, train, or automobile. :) )


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