Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Friday!

Annie Eats

So.much. to celebrate!

  • It's Friday. Clearly the only reason we need to celebrate :) But also...
  • I hit my deadline yesterday... at 4:30p! That's more than a day early, whoo!
  • I ordered the tees for my girls trip -- set to arrive the day before we get there! Mm, hiking in matching shirts, that's so awesome.
  • Double woot: I got a fabulous assignment! I think we've discussed how sick it is to get excited about getting rewarded with more work at work :D -- what can I say, except yes, I am excited :)
  • Beautiful, beautiful flowers. Here's some for you, too, while I wait for mine to open :) -- cheers to a fabulous weekend!


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Love the cupcakes and the flowers, great post. I stumbled upon you today, I will be following because i like it here. Love Lisa

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