Sunday, May 02, 2010

Knock Out (Roses) + The Week

These past two, maybe three weeks have been rough. Only because I am such a wimp :D But we finally knocked out *all this work* on some properties.

The hubs asked me the other day as we were painting and cleaning, "So, other than all this physical labor, how do you feel God's been treating you lately?"

Maybe that sounds silly (and, as always when I mention a little religion, I don't mean to suggest one belief is better than another, or push you one way/my way -- I just know my Faith works for me) --

But really, He's been terrific. I know I've been caught up in some things and ways of thinking that haven't been the best for me as of late -- But yeah, I feel great right now. Sure, a little guilt here and there, maybe I could do more. But mmm, it's been nice.

This week, I've got:

A friend's baby shower to crash. Yes, crash :D -- a dear friend of mine is becoming certified to foster babies-- sounds nuts, I know, but it's perfect for her, and she will be fantastic. (Ex: she was a CASA volunteer in college, making findings that were commended by family judges! She's a rockstar, and loves children like nobody else I know.) It's a surprise for her, so I hope this crashing goes okay :D

(c) Vancity Allie

In lieu of a rainout-makeup sand vball game, we get a round of pitchers :D Whoooo, gotta love sand vball league at a bar!

(c) t.t@0

A get-together with the girls!

I hope all of you have fun, fabulous plans for the week!

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