Sunday, June 27, 2010

le soupir.

Vegas was fantastic. For anyone going soon, the Harrah's properties have a 24-hour pass good at all their locations -- no, their buffets aren't open 24 hours, and yes, how to manage such a feat is tricky. But mmm, guilt-free desserts! That is, eating an entire plateful of desserts for your "buffet," because truly, that is a lot of buffet food in 24 hours!

But, this will be me this week:

This is my last week of crazy what-was-I-thinking-booking-so-many-trips-in-30-days'-span work. So, lots of this, too:

And hopefully this, too (that is, me absorbing what I'm reading, magically):
via justbesplendid

Everyone have a fabulous week! When I'm ready to procrastinate again, I'll share some pics of some fabulous displays and interior design that I snapped in Vegas (ooh, suspense!)

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