Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beautiful Sunday Wishes

It is seriously crunch time, ladies (and gents?)  I just thought this picture beautifully captured what I hope for today: calm, serenity, beauty, and hope -- is that silly?  But, cheers to wishing everyone a fantastic week -- I will check in periodically, but until this huge project I have blows over (August 4, whoop!), it'll be touch and go.

But, if you are so inclined, a summary of my life, currently, in pictures:

Attended a party baby shower! Pure delight.

Learning how to argue sandbagging.
Elements vs Elements
Mahdi Abdulrazak via flickr

Catch-up visit with my sister at Starbucks, transforming into seeing my aunts visiting from the Philippines and introducing my husband to them for the first time! Incredible is just the tip of adjectives I could use to describe that impromptu visit.  Long long long story.

And, surprise, work work work work work work.
New Office

Do update me on anything fabulous happening in your life, please?

1 comment:

Dionne said...

I want that cupcake! How cute!

I love showers and all things pretty.

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