Thursday, July 01, 2010

Dress Details {Elizabeth Dye + The English Dept.}

I am pretty sure I have a {love Elizabeth Dye + The English Dept.} post ... maybe quarterly? I just can't help it, her work is just lovely -- I even emailed Ms. Dye (yes, halfway across the country, never mind that) to see if it was even conceivable for her to work her magic on a simple ivory silk sheath (with the cutest pleats on the bottom! hmm, perhaps not so simple) I purchased, plus some antique lace I picked up elsewhere. Alas, Ms. Dye kindly suggested that thousands of miles doesn't quite work out well when also re-fitting a dress -- but she was so nice in her response!

Anyway, I was aimlessly wandering the blogosphere when I hit up Elizabeth Dye's archives -- let's all enjoy this visit, yes?

This incredible dress transformation, before and after.

Store goods in The English Dept. (in 2008, alas).

(okay, not a dress, but what a lovely image, yes?)

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Craftiness NOW said...

very nice, i wish i was so talented!

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