Friday, July 09, 2010

Happy Friday!

Life is fantastic.  Just a smidge more hectic than I'd like. Although, it's probably even more hectic than I'm letting myself even feel, whoops!  But this weekend is the hubs's family reunion -- his whole maternal grandmother's family!

Let's have a family reunion!
{Brian Indrelunas on flickr}

We'll be on the river -- woot!

July_2006_a_ 047
{Eric Conner on flickr}

Although, the weather forecast makes it more like...

Rain on the River

But hopefully we'll enjoy some of these!!
Board Games
{Michelle Tribe on flickr}

And these (which I baked late late last night!!)
Cookie Dough Brownies
{katrina on flickr}

Cheers to a fantastic weekend to all of you!

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