Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Monday! {Weekend Recap}

Le. Sigh. My weekend was fan.tastic.

Sand volleyball tournament on Saturday. Early. Well, early for me ;)
And hot.

Remedied later by a *fantastic* afternoon + evening at our friend's pool.
Bratwursts on the grill + caramelized onions, chips + ranch dip, Woodchuck, and freshly baked brownies. With lots of lounging + catching up. Love love love.

Their awesome entry way + the gorgeous light deserved its own photo :)

And dinner on Sunday at our place with some other friends, who brought peanut butter cup martini fixins in tow. I know, don't you wish you had friends like these ;)? I wish I'd taken photos of my contributions, but just imagine a fantastic spinach + cherry tomato + tortellini salad (with a light vinaigrette dressing), bacon-wrapped spinach-stuffed chicken breast (I had lots of spinach to get rid of :D), and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

In case you can't tell, the word of the week is "fantastic" -- here's to hoping y'all have a fantastic Monday + week!


Dionne said...

Sounds like a lovely time. And you're right, that lighting in their entry way is gorge!

Lana said...

I love how Elizabeth's sunscreen made an appearance in the first picture. ;) Glad y'all had a FANTASTIC weekend!!

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