Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pure Loveliness {Style Circle} + Rabbit Trails

So, first, Bride Chic led me to this gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous board, created by Brancoprata.

Almost here!

Then, I popped over to Brancoprata. Um, more gorgeousness -- like Tuesday Shoes Day and their feature on Love & Lavender and lots of stuff.  But the most recent post was a board designed to celebrate Abby of SuperBurbs, who apparently got married yesterday.  (I know, this is like a tv show, I love it!)  So of course I popped over

And saw this: a quilt created by her fantastic cyber bridesmaids and etsy seller Tapestri!!!

The quilt has quotes from all of them -- apparently, each "guest" at Tapestri can purchase a square individually and submit a quote for Tapestri to embroider --  [And again, it's like the world knows what I need, because this is so what I was thinking for my mother-in-law!]

Here's to hoping all this Sunday sunshine finds you well :)!

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