Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Recap

These fantastic weekends are something I could get used to. 

Impromptu date night with the hubs.
(by me)
sake flight at Sushi Zushi, since the hubs' soccer practice made us a little too late to join some friends until...

Birthday dessert cookies!
Yummy lemon cookies at Maggiano's
(c) Alison Cox at flickr

Then, Mexican vanilla ice cream + strawberries the next day with friends...
brie lliant 2
(c) Sun is Heart at flickr

And the most fabulous 30th party I've ever seen -- kudos to the event planner, the celebrant's sister! 

Lana's Party Planning

Lana's Party Planning

Lana's Party Planning

Lana's Party Planning

Lana's Party Planning

Everything looked *fantastic* I wish I had a real camera + had managed to capture more details than these, like the uuuuubber gorgeous layer cake + all the rustic-chic bunting + all the gorgeous, hand-painted bottle vases, but you'll just have to take my word on those...

Then a little light reading the next day.
(c) Sayoor on flickr

Then lots and lots of sleeping.

Martha Stewart feat. on Escapade, via myfarmhouse

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You have a beautiful blog! Thanks for visiting my humble blog - I'm very excited to be your CSN winner!

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