Friday, September 10, 2010

Mmm, lazy weekend... and Friday Faves

So, I've been feeling a bit slothful lately. If that's a word, but hey, it perfectly describes how I've been feeling :).  But a few things have seriously taken my breath away this week, like...

Gorgeous stencil patterns at Royal Design Studio, featured on MadebyGirl (although the pic below is just an idea I like, found in flickr... I just like the light-on-light idea -- like maybe I'd go for a pearl or gold on our cream walls...?)

Floral Damask Stencils SWP0070

A bunch of lovelies on Gathering Spriggs... and gorgeous rooms around the blogosphere, like...

And all of the lovely wedding dresses + women + their stories in "Great Women and the Designers Who Dressed Them" on Bride Chic...


And ...

 Oh, Hello Friend caught my eye because *hello* that's such a grown up way to do Harry Potter!  And thank goodness, because I was starting to freak out about how this party was going to go -- what, I haven't shared those deets with you yet?  Well, I'll refrain for now + maybe just do a post- post :)  Here's what I've got so far though -- and just a fraction of the price for sign painted by someone other than yours truly, whoo whoo!


So maybe this weekend won't be so lazy.  Cheers to a fantastic weekend for all of you!

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