Monday, September 03, 2012

Summer of Sewing

I have so many projects on my list. Today being Labor Day, I didn't work on these; instead, I bought more materials :) Including this one, that I hope will be a bag for my fabulous mother-in-law. Also on my checklist:
  • sending off the quilt for Jessica Christine
  • monogram-appliqué-ing the quilt for my friend's newly-adopted son
  • knocking out 5 postings for my etsy shop
  • altering 4 shirts for my daughter (the straps for 2 tanks, and modifying 2 shirts into dresses)
  • replacing the cover of Z's nap mat with something more our style
  • finishing one of the 4 dresses I want for myself ;)
I'm hoping this list will help hold me accountable!

Celebrating my summer of sewing, here's what I knocked out since I completed my beginner's sewing series:
  •  3 rag quilts: one for my next door neighbor that i ended up keeping :), one for a photographer friend, and one for my friend's son
  • a t-shirt Gameday dress for my hubby's cousin (grad gift, woot)
  • embellished matching toddler t-shirt dresses for Z and her cousin
  • 1 hemmed pair of jeans for the hubs
  • an embellished tie onesie for a first birthday gift
  • 2 zippered clutches
  • 1 ribbon taggie toy
  • 4 zippered boxy bags
  • 1 doll for Z, 37 dolls for orphans
Not so bad for a summer :)!

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