Sunday, February 22, 2009


Okay, really, no more than half an hour more. But somehow I got into invitations. At Target. I know. But i tried searching Etsy earlier, and i super heart letterpress, but again, budget + not wanting to go crazy-go-nuts on this convalidation ceremony/i hope i'm not harboring bitterness towards my family for jumping on board 4 years later (i should be happy!) --

invitations. simple. inexpensive. awesome.


and here

Ooooh -- I popped over to marthastewartcrafts, thinking there'd be some fab invites (not so much, for me) -- but i love this idea!

my mom used to take my sister & me to a paper store (stationarie?) and let us make our own "personalized" stationary by running copies on papers we'd get to pick (man, that's pretty cool for a mom, huh?). Anyway -- colored stationaries are *so* cheap (compared to invite sets, right?), though perhaps cutting each one + folding, not so much... but still, just an idea. especially with these seals!

and with colored seals, colored envelopes seem silly, and white 4x6" envelopes are *so* cheap! Or whatever the slightly-larger craft-sized envelopes are...

via the knot via the girl next door

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Abbie said...

I noticed that Target was putting some of the invites on clearance, so you can get them for even cheaper!

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