Sunday, February 22, 2009

Positive affirmation + last etsy stop: pretty lace + office things

I *will* be home by 2am. i *will* be done with this brief, everything correct as i can make it. seven hours, plenty of time.

one last etsy check, ;) -- search for "lace office"....

fun glass magnets, by the Purple Pear (though I know how to make these, and they *are* easy + fun to make, but gosh, these are already done AND pretty!)

and okay, she has a slew of fun office things:

binder clips!

business card holder, by jennyblasenpottery (steal at $8!)

by rickrackqueen

more magnets, by funkychickendesign

by roseredwinter (on the front page, how could i resist?)

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