Monday, February 16, 2009

oh jeez

even though we've been married for almost 4 years now, and logically i know this ceremony in the church is entirely separate, yet i know God was at our civil ceremony. and my dad wants to make this a larger to-do, and my pride says that my husband & i should be paying for all of this, but then -- shoot, if it's his friends (cuz i feel a little silly asking all of our friends to come, since most of them, oh, made it to the first ceremony!) then why should we pay for it?

ugh, this family line thing is too difficult sometimes.

but um here are some wedding-fantasies, pretending that i don't seriously-feel-sick-when-i-think-of-a-big-production-b/c-it-feels-kinda-showy-to-have-a-big-production-for-an-already-married-couple-when-we-had-a-beautiful-ceremony-albeit-in-Vegas. A-hem.

i *will* figure out how to wear lace. Somehow.

preferably in the sleeves, like the above.

*all of the above from ebay-seraching 'ivory lace'

My super uber-fantasies/inspiration:
whitedressbytheshore boutique (okay, posted link to yesterday, but now i've got prices!)

Jenny Yoo's "Audrey" ($450 + $117 for the jacket)!

"Ella" by Jenny Yoo, $425

david'sbridal cap sleeve!


Okay. This thing is more than a year away, and who knows what my tastes could be, I don't know why I'm driving myself nuts over this. But ... more inspirations. And um, one ebay bid ($20! + $6 for shipping!)

Like this one, from oncewed -- since I still super heart my wedding dress, I've been trying to imagine just adding lace somewhere. I'm not a fan of the halter, exactly, but the lace panels are pretty... although my silhouette is different...

And man, I am all over lace. Although not the generous cleavage that would be on display at the church, if I wore the dress below, since I'm not a tiny girl. Also from oncewed's listings:

And -- here's the lace I dig. Um, not the shinyness. Not in any way. But maybe it's not so bad? Right. Maybe I can remove the lace somehow...? We'll see if I win & go from there :D

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