Saturday, February 14, 2009

it's on!!!


My dad is *totally* on board with the convalidation!!! I didn't think he would be!! My sister had this terrible segue, and it wasn't on purpose, but I totally took it -- and so now it looks like we'll be getting married in the church!! Kee and I will be talking about this at length tomorrow. I still feel kinda crappy that my main motivation is my dad, since I do feel that God was absolutely at our Vegas ceremony... and we haven't been very Catholic lately. Nor has it felt likeI miss it... except for when I make it to mass, and it feels... wonderful.

But, darn, now I'll be perusing like crazy! Since it's my dad's first, he wants a bit of tada/to-do (?), but I feel ridiculous walking down the aisle in a big giantic white gown. And I wonder how cheap of me it is to re-wear the ann taylor cream, below the knee A-line number I wore the day after...? And it's not like I don't want something pretty. Like these at The White Dress by the Shore (thanks, StyleMePretty!)!!

My fave*:

And this:
via wishful-fillment

(Sigh) Damn. Good thing it's a year and a half away, but I know I'm going to be all over this, grr. I mean, my dad wants invites, reception (though we're talking hors'deovres, thank goodness), photography -- i mean, holy cow. I'm thinking bouquet from Whole Foods would rock. Renting out the beautiful "club house" that's in my dad's downtown condo "complex" (it's seriously gorgeous). But... um, not even ready to think about guest list.

But hooray, family involvement. And heart-to-heart on accepting my marriage, finally. And marriage within the church, too. And explicit "this isn't happening if you aren't going to be there, which I would understand, but that's not happening again."

Too bad my husband is all kinds of reserved and not overjoyed, he says at the prospect that essentially I will become depressed and dejected if my dad, again, fails to show up on the big day. I think that's Kee's deal, anyway. Not much discussion on the phone. And though it's not a fun v-day talk, we're okay not being all v-day crazy. And maybe the wine tour will loosen us up more...

*crap, Reverie by Melissa Sweet, "Antigua" -- $$$$, apparently between $1500 + 3000. Rock. maybe I can make my dress, like... apracticalwedding, I think?

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