Saturday, February 14, 2009

so. tired.

i can't wait til the day I get to wake up late again.

1. i heart heart heart Legally Blond the Musical -- even with all the understudies subbing in tonight. (SERIOUSLY -- FOUR SUBSTITUTIONS) Elle's sub, Laura Bell Bundy (isn't there another Bell -- Ah! Kristen Bell! I think they're sisters. Seriously) -- her voice was a little annoying (okay, lots) when she first came on stage, but after a couple numbers, I got used to it.

2. i drove into Houston, leaving here at 1:30. In at 4:30. Dinner with my dad & sis. Show at 8. Back here, left at 11:45. Home at 2:20A. AND wine bus tour leaves tomorrow at 10:30A. Oi, i am zonked. yet I've got this aversion to trying to sleep in bed, seriously, it's been this way for over a month, it's terrible.

3. this is the worst scenario ever: to try to stay awake, i was texting Kee where I was (Bastrop). And then after I hit send, i realized i had more text... and it didn't make sense... "and they pressured me to plead guitly" -- it was the misspelling "guitly" that got me. YEAH I WAS LUCID DREAMING WHILE TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. I know, i cannot even imagine a worse situation to drive in, but there weren't any hotels to stop at, and i had tried to stop at a gas station to sleep at (truck stop), but i was too paranoid to doze off :( never again, i promise.

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