Thursday, February 19, 2009

Room inspirations + Christmas

From LivingEtc, via apartmenttherapy
Love the patterned headboard, and i wish i could pull of gray walls. Not so much on the pink carpet, but i do appreciate the punch.

And this couch.

(Sorry for the rip-offs, apartmenttherapy! citing visualvamp. And whose tree, below, I *adore* -- I already bought my silver table tree on sale from Borders, and loaded up on green + blue ornaments at Big Lots -- I'm sooo good to go, but here is what I'm wanting! In Feb, I know, but whatevs.)

And b/c it's *such* a beautiful photo - I do love Mrs. O's style (love!), but the colors in this Vogue shot + the lounginess in (obvs) the pose but also the couch (which is fabulous in itself) -- just love the beauty and casual/comfortable luxe.

Huffington Post, on Mrs. Obama's Vogue shoot (linked by visualvamp)

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