Tuesday, March 24, 2009


so. i just had one of those moments where i spent an hour and a half researching something because i thought it'd be an easy answer to find. i was right that it was an easy answer, but finding -- not so much.

but *that* is *exactly* why i spend so much time posting pretty things -- to try to escape all this brain-hurting business. (sigh) if only i were smarter!

instead, i will pretend i will be ordering fabulously delicious cupcakes from portland. yes, to texas.

mmmm, Saint Cupcake. I wish i could post the photos from their menu, because they all look *fabulous* but alas, i will content (all of us) with google-image photos...

(via dimpleandasmirk)

(both via rosebengal on flickr)

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