Monday, March 23, 2009


Okay, my desire to start crafting has really been slowly coming out of hibernation (it's quite nice!) -- I'll post some photos of my fabulous weekend project (which hopefully I'll finish tonight, whoo!), but next on my list: turning this

into a beautiful bolero, like a cross between this

and this(both beautiful handiworks of Rohm at etsy)

and possibly attaching that scalloped hem to my other dress to peek out underneath. Somewhat ala Jenny Yoo's Audrey:

Which will hopefully go with my original wedding dress, except tailored (what a fancy word for "chopped off") to this length:

from this:

Ambitious, I know. Especially because I do not do a lot of sewing. But I've got over a year, so -- *loads* of time. Mostly b/c I love the lace dress, but it looks creepy on me (truly, I have no idea why) when it's worn properly, zipped up with the scalloped v in the back, and the high lace front -- I mean, the peekaboo strapless satin (not shiny, like the photo makes it seem) is cute, and I adore that style in all the photos I see. And eee, it's my first (only) vintage buy, off of ebay (hee!), but really -- I can't get over that 80's is vintage!!

A-hem. Since it was $26, I don't feel awful cutting it up, especially b/c it was the only one I saw like it at the time I purchased it, but now I've seen 3 more. And despite my greatest attempts, i don't think there's *any* way I'm squeezing into it, either.

Anyway, here's to good luck to me, right?

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Rachel Mallon said...

Sounds stunning!

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