Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dress inspiration!

I stumbled across this post by The Inspired Bride -- even more motivation to alter my original wedding dress!

Just yesterday I had expressed my hesitation to my coworker to alter the dress to tea-length, just in case (1) I ever have children, and (2) one is a girl, and (3) the girl *possibly* wants to wear my wedding dress -- but then J told me that one of *her* friends wore her mom's dress to her rehearsal dinner -- PERFECT! No more hesitation for me to preserve my dress!

But I still like the idea of handsewing the "vintage" lace from the ebay dress onto another dress I bought for just $5 from Ross for this charity event I attended (I seriously have the best luck sometimes!) -- ooh, this! Except a pale pale dove gray with the ivory sash:
But with this dress being $5 and the vintage dress being $26, and supplies I just bought was like $10 -- there's totally budget to still have my original dress altered!

Rock. (And bonus: for a *super* fun dress, check out A Wedding Cabaret's spotlight!)

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