Friday, March 27, 2009

Etsy wedding head/hair piece favorites

Okay, since I said I'd try for a week to not post anything super-wedding-related shopping-wise, I think I've met that goal. So as you can see, I've exploded back onto here :D So here's so more lovelies I tagged...

As you can see, I was awfully in love with the whole vintage hat + netting idea...

(KissCurl, $90)

(Treasuresinanattic, $13.99)
(if I weren't getting married in the church in June, you can bet I'd have snapped this up!)

(TheTreasureTrunk, $10)

(VintageDesignerValue, $15)

(TopsyTurvy, $73)

And then the last one had me thinking of color + led to me to some other *fun* head pieces...

(10eisha, $25)

(10eisha, $25)

(KissCurl, $69)

(BeSomethingNew, $25)

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